· Bring services to the child rather than bringing the child to the services;
· Reduce bus transportation time;
· Reduce parent transportation time;
· Target monies generated by the December 1 count to the students generating these monies;
· Reduce bureaucracy at all levels;
· The least restrictive environment is advanced with regular classrooms, neighborhood schools, and local school corporations;
· Control and ownership is assigned to the School Board of legal settlement;
· Decision making is decentralized and involves the stakeholders;
· Socially inclusive environments will be the norm;
· Differentiated instruction within the regular classrooms is expected;
· Trusting adult relationships will permeate the culture;
· Indiana Academic Standards are the curricula for all children;
· All children will learn-no exceptions;
· Schools celebrate and welcome diversity;
· Labels will become "a thing of the past";
· A continuum of services is available for each child as defined by needs;
· Exceptional learners shall graduate, attend college, and participate in the work force at rates similar to their peers;
· Laws shall be used to protect the rights of exceptional learners, and shall be followed in spirit;
· Educators will receive intensive training throughout their careers;
· Local schools shall be accountable for achievement results and continuous improvements;
· Special education is a service to deliver, not a place to go;
· Certified and classified employees serve all children;
· Increased parent involvement and satisfaction;
· General intervention teams reduce unnecessary referrals and increase student success in general education;
· And inclusion, rather than exclusion, is the word spoken most frequently and believed as best in our hearts.