Administration Building

Scott Collins, Superintendent

Kim Corsaro, Assistant Superintendent

Jane Kellam-Tollett, Director of Finance

Brian Hensley, Director of Human Resources & Facilities
1401 Spartan Drive
Phone: 765-825-2178
Fax: 765-825-8060

Eastview Elementary

Chris Kates, Principal 

401 S Fountain Street
Phone: 765-825-5541

Everton Elementary

Bryan Jennings, Principal
2440 E Everton Road
Phone: 765-825-5840

Fayette Central Elementary

Kathy McCarty, Principal
2928 N Co Rd 225 W
Phone: 765-825-6261

Frazee Elementary

Mia McCreary, Principal
600 W Third Street
Phone: 765-825-6811

Grandview Elementary

Carla Hubbard, Principal
2620 Iowa Ave
Phone: 765-825-2981

Maplewood Elementary

Stephanie McCann, Principal
1800 Eastern Ave
Phone: 765-825-3941

Connersville Middle School

Beth Denham, Principal
Tony Elleman, Assistant Principal

Trent Liggett, Administrator/Assistant Athletic Director (Grades 7-12)

1900 Grand Ave
Phone: 765-825-1139

Connersville High School

Randy Judd, Principal
Scott West, Asst. Principal
Dr. Rickie Rose, Asst. Principal

Shane Russell, Freshman Assistant Principal

1100 Spartan Drive
Phone: 765-825-1151

Whitewater Career Center

Steve Dungan,  Director
Soni Jones, Coordinator of Student Services
1300 Spartan Drive
Phone: 765-825-0521

Center For Performance Learning

Shane Russell, Director
900 Spartan Drive
Phone: 765-827-5498

Centerville/Fayette Special Services (CFSS)

Meagan Gillman, Director 
1200 Spartan Drive

Phone: 765-827-8400

Head Start/Early Childhood

Kelly McCullum, Head Start/Early Childhood Coordinator 

1800 Eastern Ave

Phone: 765-827-0191

Buildings & Grounds

Brian Hensley, Director Of Facilities/Building and Grounds
1501 Spartan Drive

Phone: 765-827-0891


Darrell Drew, Director of Transportation

1501 Spartan Drive
Phone: 765-827-0891

Food Service

Rachel O'Brien, Chartwells Director
1100 Spartan Drive
Phone: 765-825-7841

East Central Educational Service Center

Larry John, Director
1601 Indiana Ave.
Phone: 765-825-1247