FCSC Board of School Trustees MeetingAdministration Building

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

6:30 p.m.


2019 CHS Graduation Sunday, June 2, 2019

Spartan Bowl

2:00  p.m.



FCSC Revised School Calendar

Fayette County School Corporation is revising its district calendar due to the large number of weather closings we have experienced.  School will now be in session on Monday, February 18th and Friday, April 19th.  Students will also attend school on May 6th, which was already a built-in make-up day, as well as on May 24, 28, & 29, which were on our original district calendar as the beginning days of summer break. 


See below for details on the make-up days:


Missed Days

Make-up Days

Original Days on School Calendar

Make-up Day # 1

May 6th

Built- In Make Up Day

Make-up Day # 2

February 18th

Current Staff Development Day

Make-up Day # 3

April 19th

Good Friday

Make-up Day # 4

May 24th

Current Last Teacher Day

Make-up Day # 5

May 28th

Tuesday after Memorial Day

Make-up Day # 6

May 29th

Wednesday after Memorial Day

Connersville High School is only one of 17 Early College High Schools in Indiana. For more information click here.
FCSC Early Kindergarten Entrance Waiver Application

Early Kindergarten Entrance Waiver 

If your child turns five (5) after the August 1st cut-off date but on or before September 1st, the Fayette County School corporation is offering a program for the 2019-2020 school year for early entrance to kindergarten.

Click here for Waiver Application

The form must be returned to the Administration Building located at 1401 Spartan Drive on/or before July 24, 2019, to be considered for early entrance.

FCSC Anti-Bullying Reporting.

Please click on the link below for the school your child attends to report your concern. Forms may be obtained in the school's office. 

FCSC Anti-Bullying Form

DOE Information- Cyberbulling


Fayette County Elementary Student Transfer

A Fayette County student requesting a transfer to an elementary school outside of the district they are living in shall complete the Application for Elementary Transfer Request and submit it to the Fayette County School Corporation Assistant Superintendent's Office. Transfers will be considered on a yearly basis:

Appendix Form 5:09 Elementary Transfer Request Form

Out of County Student Transfer 

    A student requesting a transfer shall complete the Application for Transfer of Non-Resident Student and submit it to the Fayette County School Corporation Assistant Superintendent's Office. Transfers will be considered on a yearly basis: 

    Appendix Form 5.09 B Out of County Transfer Students



    Fayette County School Corporation

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Fayette County School Corporation is to provide quality educational programs in an environment which is safe, harmonious, and conducive to learning, enabling a diverse population of all ages to become independent, productive citizens and lifelong learners.